Policy Management for Educational Institutions

Online Employment Systems

OES is committed to helping academic institutions meet their compliance needs by providing a policy management system for Faculty Handbooks, Student Handbooks and Academic Handbooks as well as other documents.

Educate your educators.  New OES Compliance Mark (CM) is an online compliance solution that reduces risk by distributing policies and tracking acknowledgments. It also improves productivity and lowers costs.

Compliance Mark is a web based solution and all that is needed to use it is a browser. No hardware or software installation is necessary. OES handles all the hosting, backups and account setup.

Press Releases

10.05.09 ::  Online Employment Systems Announces Release of Compliance Mark 2.0

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07.15.09 ::  THINK Together Thinks Compliance Mark is a Smart Choice.

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09.16.08 ::   Polaris Industries Extends Partnership with Online Employment Systems.

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03.18.08 ::  Compliance Mark enables HR departments to HR-Ness the power of the web.

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Compliance Mark is the answer!

Compliance Mark.
Compliance Mark (CM) is our flagship compliance and online policy management solution. It is the result of many years of experience working with HR professionals. This software solution takes on the burden of managing documents including but not limited to policies, procedures and faculty and student handbooks and acknowledgements.

This software solution permits you to
  • quickly track and update these items
  • generate a variety of compliance reports
  • save your school/university time and money
  • harness the power of the Internet to allow access 24/7
  • instantly disseminate changes
  • reduce printing and shipping costs
  • support a world wide multi-lingual institution

But we already have our policies on the web.
Then you are only  half way there! Faculty and students can read the policies whenever and whereever they wish but there is no record of which policies or what version of the policy they have read. Compliance Mark tracks who has read which policies when they read them and what version of the policies they have read. As the user reads each policy they acknowledge the policy by clicking on a button. We use electronic signatures to verify acknowledgments.